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Why Choose RapidAdvance For Your Financing Needs

More than 75% of eligible clients renew their financing with us after recognizing the advantages we provide.  Find out about the benefits we offer or explore specific topics below:


We take the effort to make this process fast, simple and seamless.  By offering a streamlined process combined with multiple financing solutions RapidAdvance not only gives you access to the capital you need but a true partner to help you grow your business.  We understand the time, energy and effort that goes into being a successful business owner.  Getting capital is an important decision for you the company you work with should see it the same way.  That’s why we add personal service, attention and support to make sure your capital needs are taken care of for you.

Rely on Experience

RapidAdvance is a leader in the alternative financing industry with a proven track record for supporting business owners in their efforts to grow their business.  With over $1 billion funded to tens of thousands of businesses, we have worked with companies of all sizes, shapes and industries.  Leverage our experience in helping small businesses to maximize your growth.

Get the Right Financing for your Business

By offering multiple solutions, we enable you to select the type of financing that best works for your business.  From there we customize the term and repayment to meet your cash flow needs.  No longer do business owners have to settle for one choice for capital.  Get the right financing and structure that will empower your business to grow.

Access More Capital

We take a different approach in looking at your business.  By using our proprietary model, we can maximize the amount of capital your business can receive.  Allowing us to offer more, approve more and most importantly fund more.


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