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RapidAdvance SBA Bridge Loan Program

For numerous small and medium-sized businesses in need of capital, an SBA or traditional bank loan can be a wonderful solution.  ­Unfortunately, many business owners often face obstacles throughout the financing process that may require immediate financial support, including:  

  • Limited cash flow
  • Extremely slow and cumbersome loan processing
  • Costly requirements

If you are in need of instant capital, the RapidAdvance SBA Bridge Loan Program can be the smart and simple solution.  A short-term infusion of capital will allow you to pay off tax liens, replenish cash-depleted by the loan process, or simply assist you with managing your business in the interim.

Let us help you bridge the gap of the loan waiting process with our SBA Bridge Loan Program.  

SBA Bridge Loan  How The SBA Bridge Loan Program Can Benefit You:

Protect your Cash Flow

The funds acquired through this program can alleviate your short term financial strain, maximize your working capital and protect your margins and cash flow.

Speedy Process

We take the worry out of the financing process.  Unlike traditional means of financing we’ve simplified the process, so you focus on what really matters to you the most - your business.

Easy to Manage

We pride ourselves on our simple yet effective repayment structure, offering the convenience of fixed and automated repayments.

Fair Financing and Repayment Terms

The amount of financing you qualify for is determined by your monthly gross sales, providing you with a fair and affordable repayment term that works best for you.

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