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Select Recent Financing Transactions

RapidAdvance completes hundreds of financing transactions every month.  Below is a list of some of our most recent transactions:

CapitalFinance TypeBusiness TypePurposeCityState
$40,000 Select Small Business Loan Contractor Hiring/Payroll Stevensville MD
$15,000 Business Cash Advance Automotive Repair Debt payoff/Refinancing Bergenfield NJ
$11,000 Business Cash Advance Food & Beverage Inventory Ithaca NY
$150,000 Preferred Small Business Loan Health Services Equipment Winter Park FL
$64,000 Small Business Loan Business Services Working Capital Washington DC
$42,000 Premium Business Cash Advance Restaurant Inventory Madison WI
$100,000 Select Small Business Loan


Working Capital Austin TX
$35,000 Small Business Loan - Renewal Business Services Marketing Seattle WA
$25,000 Select Small Business Loan Health Services Expansion/Renovation Charlotte NC
$15,358 Select Small Business Loan Retail Inventory Miami FL
$180,000 Preferred Small Business Loan - Renewal  Transportation Debt payoff/Refinancing Elk River MN
$74,000 Preferred Small Business Loan Restaurant Debt payoff/Refinancing Chicago Heights IL
$10,460 Small Business Loan Restaurant Equipment Hayward CA
$50,000 Select Small Business Loan Business Services Inventory Newark DE
$20,000 Small Business Loan Educational Services Expansion/Renovation Virginia Beach VA

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