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RapidAdvance's Jeremy Brown Joins the CEO Corner at

Daily Funder

New York, Dec. 10, 2012 — (DF), a cooperative forum for companies involved in small business lending, has announced that Jeremy Brown, the CEO of RapidAdvance, is joining the CEO Corner. The CEO Corner is specifically reserved for industry captains to share their wisdom with the community, as well as to spread their message to those outside it.

David Rubin, a co-founder of DF, welcomed Mr. Brown. “RapidAdvance is one of the industry’s top participants and we are honored to have their Chief Executive contribute his time and knowledge to foster this community,” Rubin said. “Brown is one of the most respected individuals in alternative lending.”

It is important that as we grow as an industry, we focus on continuing to emphasize best practices to ensure that as a whole, customers are treated fairly, and as an industry we are acting responsibly. I think creating a forum allowing executives to share their thoughts, knowledge and experiences will help us achieve that goal,” stated Brown. launched on October 22nd and is quickly gaining traction as the discussion forum of choice among merchant cash advance insiders. Part of its focus is to bridge the gap that exists between similar financial industries. Merchant cash advance providers, factors, microlenders, and asset-based lenders are the backbone of small business financing.


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