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RapidAdvance Puts Money On Small Business

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A lot of brands talk a good game about helping small businesses. Rapid Financial Services, is putting their money where their brand is. Tuesday May 21 will mark the launch of the first national television campaign for the eight-year old provider of short-term capital to small businesses. It will be integrated into the brand’s digital marketing and social media initiatives, and geared toward the brands “customer attraction” strategy.

The Rapid Financial campaign is on behalf of its RapidAdvance brand. According to CEO Jeremy Brown, the objective of  ‘Your Money’s Here’ is to reach small business owners via memorable executions that convey the value of working capital and a partnership with the company.  By extension, the advertisements support RapidAdvance’s efforts to build its brand and power both the Company’s third-party sales partnerships and its own direct efforts. Brown says Rapid has loaned more than $500 million to more than 10,000 small businesses since 2005, has a repeat business rate of 85 percent and manages multiple loans with 85 percent of its accounts. It is neither a bank nor a credit union. He is counting on the marketing campaign to raise awareness and build trust among small businesses.

“Banks are collateral lenders that work on small margins,” Brown says. “They are not in the business of serving small businesses that have under 50 employees. Our model is essentially cash-flow-based. We have come up with a model that’s more like being an equity partner and we allow businesses to grow. We want to be involved in the four-to-12 month business plan.”

The spot will run across business and sports channels including CNBC, CNN and ESPN.  It features fictional local small business owners searching for funding solutions that will help them grow their companies. In show-tune fashion, RapidAdvance provides the solution.

The ‘Your Money’s Here’ campaign is supported by a revamped company website.  Mark Cerminaro, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, says it will also be supported by continued digital and social media initiatives that expand on RapidAdvance’s consultative positioning.

“We’ve done a lot of paid search and PPC campaigns,” says Cerminaro. “We approach social differently than most companies. I don’t think you can lump all of the networks into one category. We try to reach different business verticals through Facebook and give our clients access to thought leaders through LinkedIn.”

Brown says the company launched the campaign to fill what he sees as an information and finance gap in the small business sector.

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