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National Small Business Association Selects RapidAdvance to Provide Financing to NSBA Members

National Small Business Association (NSBA) partners with RapidAdvance to provide capital, education and business growth opportunities to all NSBA members.

Bethesda, MD - The National Small Business Association (NSBA) announced today that it has launched a new partnership with RapidAdvance, a leading provider of financing solutions to small businesses. The partnership will provide NSBA’s membership with access to capital, educational programs and future funding opportunities.

 “Access to capital is a high priority on the minds of our membership,” stated NSBA President Todd McCracken.  “We chose to partner with RapidAdvance because it is an industry leader with flexible programs that offer multiple financing solutions customized to the individual business. This is a company truly dedicated to working with business owners to help them grow.”

“In today’s economy small business owners face unique challenges when trying to obtain financing to grow their business,” said RapidAdvance CRO Mark Cerminaro, adding, “We provide financing options that allow business owners to access the capital they need in a fast, efficient manner in a platform designed around customer experience.

The NSBA is aware of a concerning trend that has developed whereby more small business owners report a lack of financing is hindering their ability to finance increased sales or increase their inventory supply to meet demand. Nearly one-in-five small businesses cannot meet increased sales demand due to an inability to garner financing, and this is what motivated the NSBA to partner with RapidAdvance.  

By leveraging a proprietary, technology driven platform, RapidAdvance is able to analyze a business outside of the historical metrics used by traditional lending institutions, providing capital to a wider array of small businesses.

“By providing financing that acts as both a complement for business owners who currently utilize traditional financing and as an alternative for those who do not meet the asset requirements or credit profile of traditional lenders, we can offer capital to support the growth of a variety of businesses”, added Cerminaro.

In addition to offering capital to NSBA membership, RapidAdvance will also lead an education effort to NSBA members focusing on all areas of small business financing.  RapidAdvance will provide educational financing information at no cost. 

Small businesses interested in learning more about RapidAdvance’s financing solutions, please visit NSBA members that are interested in accessing the new partnered benefits can click here.


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About RapidAdvance

Bethesda, Maryland based RapidAdvance is one of the leading finance companies in the online marketplace for small business capital.  Rapid is part of the Rock Ventures Family of Companies that includes Quicken Loans, the Cleveland Cavaliers and other companies. Rapid has provided over $700 million in capital to tens of thousands of small business owners.  The company is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.

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