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Is Now A Good Time To Start A Business?

NEW YORK (The Street) -- Being an entrepreneur is easier than ever these days, but is it a good time to launch a business? And what about the current economic environment?

Industry observers say with the advent of alternative funding models, in particular, the potential for crowdfunding, small-business owners are no longer beholden to banks for their capital needs.

Mark Cerminaro, senior vice president for sales and marketing at alternative lending company RapidAdvance says his company is seeing more small-business owners eager to grow.

"Many of the small business owners we work with, including those as early as a year into their founding, are reaching out to purchase new equipment, ramp up their marketing efforts and expand into new areas," Cerminaro writes in an e-mail. "We also are seeing established businesses using our capital to open new locations. Overall, they are expressing greater confidence in a future where consumer confidence is trending higher and the economic outlook is brightening."

"That confidence and those gauges should have no less influence for the first-time entrepreneur looking to start a business," he adds. "Our experience is that the optimal time to start a business is in a strengthening market -- not at the bottom or at the top. All indications are we are somewhere in that sweet spot right now."

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