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Interview with Mark Cerminaro, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for RapidAdvance.

Cerminaro tells AdNation News that RapidAdvance is launching a multi-million dollar campaign in order to inform small business owners that they are a leading provider of short-term capital. He says the campaign is the first national televised effort via AOR, Karlin + Pimsler of New York. Cerminaro explains that the effort is focused on reaching small business owners with spots that run on cable business and sports channels. National Internet and social media are also a large part of the campaign, he says. Opportunistic funds are available.

According to Cerminaro, as an alternative lender, RapidAdvance can deliver faster loans that are customized to the specific needs of the borrower. The company has provided more than $500 million in loans to businesses that include retail stores, restaurants, and healthcare providers.

According to its website, RapidAdvance offers funding for a number of business opportunities, such as expansion and purchase of equipment.              


Advertiser Contacts:      

Jeremy Brown, CEO

PHONE: 877-467-2743, FAX: 240-380-1650            

Mark Cerminaro, Senior VP Sales & Marketing

PHONE: 877-467-2743, FAX: 240-380-1650            


Media Planning Agency:

Integrated Media Solutions 650 Fifth Ave., 35th Fl., New York, NY, 10019

PHONE: 800-656-3342


Agency of Record:

Karlin + Pimsler 115 East 30th St., New York, NY, 10016

PHONE: 212-779-3375   

Acct Mgmt Contacts:     

Mal Karlin, Pres, CCO

PHONE: 212-779-3375   

Steve Pimsler, VP, Creative Director

PHONE: 212-779-3375   


Media Contacts:              

Curtis Smith, Senior VP Sales & Marketing,

PHONE: 800-356-8852   



Opportunity Mkts: National.

Fiscal: Calendar.

Planning: Ongoing.

Campaign(s): Branding.

Flight(s): May 20th through July.

Target(s): Adults, 21+.

Consumer Profile: Small-business owners, with under 50 employees and sole proprietors of businesses.

Media Mix: Nat'l Cable , National Internet (Banner, Search and Social Media).

Categories of Interest: Business & Finance; Lifestyle.

Opportunistic Funds:      

Merchandising: The Advertiser provides a live chat with a financial representative on its website and also offers a free quote. INTERNET:

Protocol: All proposals, including digital, may be forwarded by Email to Curtis Smith, Senior Vice President at


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