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A Message from the Chairman of RapidAdvance

Small business owners have vision, grit and perseverance. To build a great company, it takes ingenuity, sacrifice, and dedication.  From hiring great staff to generating awareness of your ‘best kept secret,’ we understand it is not easy being a small business owner.  That's why seamless and productive partnerships can be the difference between thriving small business, those that just manage to stay afloat and those that ultimately don't make it.

In a world defined by too few, plain vanilla lending options with a one size fits all approaches, RapidAdvance is that  valued partner for working capital/lending solutions.  We are fellow entrepreneurs that have launched and run small businesses, worked in our uncle’s pizza shop, and shared lunch every day with our spouses at work as we contemplate what’s next for our business and our family.  Like you, we sweat the details. 

That collective experience gives us great appreciation for what you have built, your determination to grow your piece of the American dream, and the important role working capital plays in your success. 

Among lending options including traditional bank loans, we are distinguished by our quick access to capital, ability to employ creative products, and more thoughtful, holistic reviews of a small business’ creditworthiness (the heart of a small business is more than its credit score.)

Within the alternative lending industry we pioneered nearly ten years ago, RapidAdvance is distinguished by the hi-touch approach we employ with our customers.  While technology has become a driving engine and the ultimate decision-maker for most of alternative lenders, we know the strength of a small business can neither simply be gleaned from a credit score or an automated Google search and cash flow analysis, but a more true understanding of the particulars of your business and the hearts and minds of the people supporting it every day.

Our focus is on using technology only to inform lending decisions made by humans.  This use of technology as an input, but not arbiter, has resulted in industry leading customer renewal rates, and approvals of many small businesses that may have otherwise not found funding and went onto successfully grow their business.  This focus extends throughout the processing of the loan, with our professionals truly getting to understand the business of our customers, their goals and their future needs.

RapidAdvance has empowered over thousands businesses with over $700 million in funding.  We have helped restaurants grow through the purchase of better equipment like a pizza oven that gets that crust extra crispy; retail stores expand into new product lines; as well as doctors and other professionals find new revenue sources through the purchase of key MRI or specialty equipment, keeping their independant practices humming.

We hold great admiration for the independent and entrepreneurial men and women and generations of families that represent the face of small business.  Being that easy partner that can make all the difference is our priviledge.

Have a great day!

Jeremy Brown, Chairman RapidAdvance


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