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Credit Card Processors and ISOs Partner Program

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RapidAdvance is not an ISO or a competitor of the merchant processing industry – we leave the processing aspect up to you.  If your merchant is with a processor that we do not have a split funding arrangement with, we have solutions that enable us to still fund your merchant.  A majority of the top credit card processors are already in our network.

Benefits of Becoming a RapidAdvance Partner

Merchants who participate in our Merchant Cash Advance Programs commit contractually to their merchant's processing system.  This helps to ensure repayment, and it protects your company from attrition.  The average merchant renews 4.5 times on an average term of six months, retaining the customer within your business for over two years.

RapidAdvance is able to provide Merchant Cash Advances in all 50 states and Canada.  We are also able to offer our loan solutions in 47 states.  Our programs provide multiple financing options for your merchants with just one application.

Multiple financial solutions, including merchant cash advances, term loans and line of credit financing, to fit the operating and repayment needs of a variety of businesses.

Financial solutions for a variety of businesses including traditional storefront retail establishments such as restaurants, dry cleaners, florists and automotive repair shops, as well as manufacturing, medical, transportation, construction, distribution and services companies.

Customized structure and terms which provide the greatest opportunity to meet the short-term working capital needs of current and potential customers.

Join our Partner Network

RapidAdvance has a dedicated team to support you and your clients..  Our personalized service echoes the kind of respect, attention and dedication you provide to your customers and want them to receive from your business partners.

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