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RapidAction Commercial Finance Program

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If you finance accounts receivable, inventory, equipment and fixed assets, purchase orders or another type of secured financing, there’s often other needs.  RapidAdvance gives commercial finance companies a way to meet these needs without impacting your collateral and security position.

Accounts Receivable Finance Companies

RapidAdvance provides financing to fill the gap between your advance rate and 100% of A/R, finances inventory as well as bonded and third party medical A/R, provides short-term payroll advances, and unbilled advances and mobilization funding for a contract or order.  We can provide your customer access to the net proceeds after an invoice is paid, even when you have applied this to the customer’s outstanding balance.

Purchase Order and Trade Finance Companies

RapidAdvance can pay off the financing if a bank or A/R finance company is not in place to pay you out when the end-user is invoiced.  Moreover, we can provide financing even when there are manufacturing, installation and other performances that must occur after shipment and before the end user can be invoiced.

Our RapidAction Program immediately extends your options, providing more solutions for your customers while solidifying your finance company as a go-to resource for meeting the needs of your customers.

Benefits of Partnering with RapidAdvance

Innovative:  Multiple financial solutions, including credit card advances, term loans and line of credit financing, to fit the operating and repayment needs of a variety of businesses.

Financial solutions for businesses including traditional storefront retail establishments such as restaurants, dry cleaners, florists and automotive repair shops, as well as manufacturing, medical, transportation, construction, distribution and services companies.

Flexible:  Customized structure and terms providing the greatest opportunity to meet the short-term working capital needs of current and potential customers.

Dedicated RapidAdvance team to support the finance company and its customers.  Our personalized service echoes the kind of respect, attention and dedication you provide to your customers and want them to receive from your business partners.

Complements the finance company’s product offerings – RapidAdvance never competes with your business.  Our goal is to help you obtain and retain customers. 

RapidAdvance can provide financing of as little as $5,000.

The RapidAction Commercial Finance Program enhances your financing offerings and allows you to say yes more often.  For more information, email us or call us at (877) 889-1037.


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