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Infographic: What Will Make Retail Tick in 2015?

The new year is approaching, which means it's time for small-business owners to start evaluating what methods worked best in 2014 and which trends are anticipated to grow in 2015. There are four notable retail marketing strategies that are likely to stick around - and gain in steam - in 2015. 


Swift adoption of tablets, smartphones and the increasingly popular smartwatches has made mobile one of your business' greatest necessities. Optimizing your website for these devices is more important than ever before, as a rising number of your potential consumers use them to access information about your brand. Tailoring content for mobile devices may even have a significant impact on your overall sales - 61 percent of retailers have noted that mobile is key for generating more online sales. If you're not sure where to begin, look to mobile apps that can do the hard work for you, ensuring your information is well-suited for these digital screens.


It's one thing to have a website that's easy to navigate, but having quality content to fill the pages is equally imperative to the success of your online presence. Your website should not only be filled with informative landing pages pertaining to your business and its service, but you would be best served with a well-researched and developed blog that has breaking news and articles related to your company's industry. Of the consumers who visit your site, 60 percent use this information to become familiar with your services and products, so place a special emphasis on revamping your content strategy in 2015.


Your social networks - including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest - are likely already filled with relevant links and timely communication with your consumers, but this is the year to delve deeper into the individual sites and the features that may benefit your business. For example, try playing around with Facebook's advertisement features, which can be tailored to custom audiences for your brand. As you're creating a new strategy for these sites, keep in mind that 68 percent of retailers are investing in their social networks for optimal results.


SEO is key when you're updating your website's copy. Not familiar with the term? Now's the year to learn it. With Google constantly updating its search algorithms to weed out irrelevant sites and prioritize high-quality ones, start examining how your brand can stay ahead of the curve by revamping its searchability.


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