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St. Patrick's Day Social Media Promotions

st patricks 2015

St. Patrick's Day is coming up soon, which means your store has a unique opportunity to attract more customers with holiday-themed promotions. Turn to your social networks when you're spreading the word about your St. Patrick's Day deals, as these sites can help you quickly and effectively reach a wide range of potential buyers.

Aside from turning your profile picture green and posting that witty pun about leprechauns, how else can your store leverage St. Patrick's Day in its online marketing efforts? Try incorporating one of these fun ideas in your social strategy this season.

1. Pot of Gold Promotion

Every St. Patrick's Day fan knows that there's a prize at the end of the rainbow - the challenge lies in finding the elusive pot of gold in the far-reaching land. You may not want to venture into the outdoors and hide your own treasure, but you can bury a secret deal in your Facebook page for avid fans to find. Post to your followers that there's a secret phrase hidden somewhere in your account that will unlock a deal they can redeem in-store. When you're hiding the actual phrase, place it somewhere your followers will have to seek in order to find, like as a comment on an old picture or deeply buried in the "about" section.

2. Holiday Dish Extravaganza

When you think of St. Patrick's Day, do you think shepherd's pie? Corned beef and ham? Your online followers likely associate the holiday with their own favorite dishes, so try unrolling this fun promotion to get both consumers and employees engaged. Ask people to submit their favorite recipes to your business, then pick three to five that your company will cook at the office. Have a select group of visitors and workers taste each dish and vote on their favorite. Whichever dish receives the most votes will be named the winner, with the original chef claiming a specialized discount for your store.

3. All About the Hashtag

Twitter and Instagram promotions should be built around a tailored St. Patrick's Day hashtag. Consider hosting a photo contest among your followers, then allowing them to mark their entries with a hashtag to be considered for the grand prize. For example, if your store is asking customers to post pictures of their pets decked out in St. Patrick's Day decor, the hashtag could be something like, "#StPatricksPooch." Inform participants that the winner will receive a special discount or coupon that can be redeemed in your store.

4. Go Green for the Holidays

Adapt your social network profile pages to reflect the Irish holiday. Change your cover and profile photos on Facebook, your Twitter picture and your Instagram picture to show images of your brand or your staff with a new green tint. Post consistently during the day, adding images of customers who show up in green or employees in particularly festive attire. Let visitors know that the people in the picture with the highest number of likes on your social networks will earn a prize from your store.


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