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Memorial Day Marketing Opportunities for Your Small Business

Marketing your small business is not a one-size-fits-all process. You need to adjust your messages and campaigns throughout the year, so they're timely, relevant and valuable to your potential and current customers. Memorial Day gives you the chance to leverage this holiday to drive revenue and attract new customers. Use these ideas as part of your marketing efforts throughout the weekend, and make sure to build up anticipation in advance.

Seasonal Product Sales

Are you a seasonal small business? Memorial Day indicates the start of summer for many people, so it's prime time to roll out your summer offerings. Help people get the most out of their upcoming vacations by providing location-relevant travel gear, staycation items and services that tie into their future plans. What are the most popular activities in your region on Memorial Day? Try putting prominent displays of these supplies where everyone will see them.

Cookout Event

No one can resist the smell of grilled meat and the allure of deviled eggs this weekend. Put together a barbecue event or sponsor a community gathering that already has this covered. You show customers that you aren't a nameless and faceless business. You're their neighbor, too. Get face to face with your audience in a casual setting to learn more about their pain points and other life challenges. The information that you learn from the odd conversation can pay off in the long run.

Holiday Branded Products

Balloons, paper plates and other items useful for Memorial Day celebrations work well for a small business marketing idea. You can put together party packs for your customers, branded with your logo. When they're off having fun at their cookouts, you get to build brand awareness.
Ponchos, camp chairs and umbrellas are a few products that are useful throughout the year. If you want to work on some long-term marketing efforts, these are a helpful way to stay top-of-mind with your target audience.

Festive Email Marketing

Acknowledge the holiday in your email marketing, even if you don't have any products or services that tie into the shift from spring to summer. You want to remain topical and relevant, so mentioning it is the bare minimum that you can do to improve your campaigns.
You can go further with a countdown to Memorial Day, an email series that provides content related to the history of this holiday and offering exclusive promotions for people that shop over the weekend. You have a lot of flexibility with your email marketing, but you do need to create a campaign that can deal with overstuffed inboxes.
Many companies take advantage of this holiday, but there are a few ways you can get your message heard. The first is starting before the weekend. Your competition may wait until the actual holiday to send out their emails. If you started two weeks ago, chances are your customers are going to remember that you plan on having promotions when the time comes.

Clearance on Off-Season Items

Another reason shoppers love to get out to small businesses on Memorial Day is to look for all the spring products that are headed into the off-season. This tactic mostly applies to fashion and outdoor retailers, as their inventories have close ties to the season. However, you can look at product demand and determine whether any of your items need to be shelved during hotter months.
What can you offer as a limited run item? You may want to repackage some of your offerings for a more summer-centric approach. That way, you position yourself to rotate these items every season.

Limited Time Sales

Urgency makes people experience the fear of missing out. They want to get out there and make purchases that they would otherwise put off for later. You face a lot of competition for shopping dollars during this holiday, so make sure that your sales are worth it. Put a website countdown timer so the clock is always ticking. Every time they see it, they'll have a reminder that they might miss their chance. Taking out a small business loan to fund some popular loss leaders is an excellent way to expand your reach into new audiences and keep your current customers happy.

Military Promotions

Don't forget the meaning behind Memorial Day and the sacrifices that the military members have gone through. Military-specific promotions, Memorial Day ads and other incentives acknowledge and honor their contributions. This marketing idea is particularly important to implement if you operate near a military base.

Summer Contest

Contests are popular on social media and give you the opportunity to go viral. Hold a Memorial Day summer contest and offer gift cards, popular products or other relevant items to attract attention. You can provide extra chances to win for people that promote the game to their social circles, follow your profile and perform other actions that support your messaging.
Memorial Day is filled with chances to kick off summer right. Whether you're trying to improve your revenue and get rid of off-season products or looking for relevance in your messages, you won't want to miss out on this holiday.

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