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Easter Marketing Ideas that Will Have You Hopping!

It's a deeply sacred religious holiday to some and an excuse to eat candy for others, but for business owners, Easter marks the beginning of the summer sales season. No matter what kind of industry you're in, use these Easter marketing ideas to get your business hopping. 

Candy, Candy, Candy

If you're a dentist, using candy to lure in new business is not very ethical. But if you're not in the business of keeping teeth healthy, go for it. And we're not just saying that because Easter candy is AWESOME. Added bonus: When you're buying tons of candy for your customers, no one will notice if you sneak the occasional piece into your own mouth.
  • Host an Easter egg hunt at your business. Invite customers to bring their kids on a Saturday morning and search around your public space or an adjacent outdoor area to look for plastic eggs. At the end of the hunt, let kids redeem their eggs for candy or nonedible treats — and some coupons and promotional materials for their parents. If hosting your own hunt isn't feasible, contact local community groups to ask about sponsoring their egg hunts.
  • Take advantage of the cute shapes that Easter candy comes in. Gather your most creative team members to design vignettes out of Peeps, chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and other tasty treats. Create a little story related to your business, for instance, if you sell insurance, pose Pete the Peep and Barbara the bunny in toy cars that have "crashed" along with a caption about how you hope they have good policies. Silly, creative posts like these are the type that go viral and generate a lot of attention on social media.
  • Arrange a giveaway, raffle or free gift program in the weeks leading up to Easter. You might offer every new customer an entry into a drawing for a huge basket of gourmet candy, or give out candy gift bags with every purchase over $50.

Do Some Charitable Work

Doing good work for your community goes a long way when you're trying to generate new business or remind your audience about your company. And while tons of businesses do charity work around Thanksgiving and Christmas, fewer do it at Easter, so you'll really stand out. The key to making charity a good marketing strategy? Share stories and photos of everything you do on social media, and invite your followers to share their ideas for doing good in the community.
  • Sponsor a charity food drive. Spread the word on social media that you're accepting donations of nonperishable food at your business, which you'll then deliver to a local food bank. Alternately, make a financial donation directly to the food bank on behalf of your business.
  • Contact local retirement homes and offer to organize a basket-decorating event with their residents. Buy cheap, simple baskets in bulk and a ton of art supplies and take your employees and family to decorate baskets with the seniors. 
  • Easter is often associated with flowers, so team up with your employees to spend a full day planting blooms in a local park, delivering flowers to lonely people in nursing homes or weeding a community garden.

Encourage Healthy Holiday Competition

Competition might not be totally in keeping with the original spirit of the holiday, but running some Easter promotion contests can still bring attention to your business.
  • Hold artistic competitions. Create a coloring sheet featuring an Easter image and your logo. Ask children of your customers to color them and return them to you by a certain date so you can pick a few winners. Reward the kids with small gift cards. You might even opt to open the contest to adults, or run an over-18 contest, asking customers to create their own works of art related to your business. Reward the winners with small cash prizes or free services and products.
  • Fill a large container with jelly beans or plastic eggs. Ask customers to come by your business to see it and guess how many objects are in it. At the end of the contest, give a prize to the person who comes closest.
  • Organize a treasure hunt in your area, with a miniature Easter basket or plastic egg decorated with your logo as the prize. Hide the prize on public land and give clues to its location every day approaching Easter. Start with difficult clues, and make them more obvious as the days go on. Reward the person who finds the prize with a gift certificate or cash.

Invite People In

These Easter marketing tips will work for a wide range of businesses, but try to tailor any marketing ideas to your business specifically. 
  • Organize an Open House at your location just before Easter. Pass out catered appetizers made with traditional Easter foods, like mini ham sandwiches and bite-sized hot cross buns. While visitors enjoy the snacks, circulate among them to talk about the services you offer or to demonstrate your products. 
  • If you're in an area with foot traffic, decorate the doors and windows of your space with painted eggs, tons of flowers and Easter banners to make your business look welcoming and eye-catching.

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