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Retail Resources: Getting Your Store Ready for Valentine's Day

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Livening up your store this Valentine's Day is a great way to entice passersby and offer loyal consumers fun and exciting activities to celebrate the lovers' holiday. Your small business should consider setting up holiday-themed stations around the store to further engage current and potential buyers. 

Looking for inspiration? Try one of these creative ways your store can celebrate Valentine's Day during the week leading up to the event.

1. 'Make Your Own Valentines' station

Valentines don't need to be frilly or fancy to get the message across. Some of the sweetest sentiments come from the simplest materials. Set up a small table in your store with art supplies available for your consumers to use, including construction paper, glue, markers and, if you're feeling adventurous, glitter. Let visitors know they can have access to the art station if they're in need of a loving Valentine note to accompany gifts purchased for their significant others. 

2. Decorate with DIY art

Holidays are the perfect time to start looking on Pinterest for crafty do-it-yourself projects ideally suited for small-business decorations. There are a variety of pieces to choose from. If you want to engage consumers, keep a pile of red, white and pink hearts at the counter. Each time someone makes a purchase, have him or her write the name of someone they love on the paper, then let them tape it on a wall of your store.

Alternatively, designate one particular hour - whether in the morning or afternoon - where you invite consumers to decorate your windows with red, white and pink handprints to usher in the holiday. This is a fun activity for adults and children alike, so be sure to reach out to a wide range of consumers.

3. 'Tell Us What You Love' campaign

Want to hear from your consumers? Make your stations tailored toward your business and its offerings. Cover one wall of your store in a large piece of parchment paper, then provide markers for consumers to write everything they love about your store. These can be products, services, employees, advertisements, etc. Allow your store visitors the freedom to fill the space with whatever they choose.

This campaign can also go digital, with your brand asking followers to post on Facebook or Twitter their favorite thing about your store. Print each response and display it proudly in your store in a large, decorative collage.


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