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Optimizing Your Website's Call to Action to Increase Conversions

CTA conversions

Your website has the power to turn over or turn away consumers as they peruse your pages. Encouraging your site visitors to engage with your virtual offerings is a matter of content, layout and clickability - all things that can be solved with a powerful CTA, or call to action.

CTAs are small buttons or links that lead to landing pages and specific areas on your site. They often feature language that compels consumers to act, including "buy," "shop" and "click." But while these buttons may seem easy to create, they require a great deal of craft to perfect. 

As you're searching for the best CTAs to include on your site, keep the following tips in mind.

Appeal to the eye

Grow your small business by starting with the basics - choose colors, fonts and shapes that not only represent your brand, but are pleasing to the eye. Make your consumers want to click the CTA by making it as visually appealing as possible. 

Location is equally important for your CTA.  Place the button where the mouse generally tends to gravitate. Preferably, your CTA will be in the top fold of your website, or the content that's immediately apparent without having to scroll. The top right corner of your screen is one of the most actionable spaces of the site, so take advantage by placing a CTA there.

Simplicity is key

Consumers appreciate simplicity not only in design, but in text as well. Instead of posting a long-winded sentence or command, opt for one to two word options with an action verb prominently displayed. Tread lightly with your word choice, as it's important not to come off as too demanding. For example, instead of telling consumers to "Buy Now," it may be better to suggest "Shop Now," as the latter presents an implicit choice that gives the viewer more control over the action.

Link, link, link

While developing your CTA is important, it's equally imperative to pick the perfect place for your consumer to land after clicking. Linking to the proper landing page can be the difference between converting consumers and alienating virtual visitors. Your CTA should be clear enough that your consumers know exactly what to expect on the other side - meaning they should not be directed to an information form or irrelevant post.

Looking to learn how to make an actionable landing page? Check out our infographic, Creating an Effective Landing Page for Your Small Business.


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