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Marketing to Millennials: Why It's Important And How to Do It Effectively

marketing to millennials

As a small business owner, you may know by now that millennials are an essential group to consider when creating advertisements to market your products or services. The millennial generation consists of those between 18 and 34 years old and is often referred to as the tech-dependent era. Marketing to this age group is important, as research has shown that millennials are responsible for a major portion of the money spent each year on consumer goods. In fact, a recent survey by LinkedIn found that affluent millennials spend an estimated $2 trillion a year. Even if your company isn't pursuing millennials to invest in your products, chances are that they're influencing many of your customers' purchasing decisions.

How do you attract consumers within this generation? There are certain marketing platforms you should take advantage of and approaches to take to most effectively target your advertisements to millennials. Follow these small business marketing tips to see the best results.

1. Use social media

It's no secret that millennials rely heavily on social media platforms for news, information and communication. If you haven't already started taking advantage of popular sites for your marketing campaigns, you may want to start. While there is a wide range of social media options to choose from, there are a few sites that work particularly well at attracting this target audience. Here are three:

  • LinkedIn - Frequently used as a primarily source of communication for professionals, LinkedIn allows companies to get their name and ideas out there by responding to group discussions and public content. As the website is used by the majority of businesses across the country, advertising through it will help your brand build credibility. 
  • Facebook - The popular social media site is frequently used by marketers to engage and interact with consumers. You can establish a firm presence in an active online community by creating a profile for your company and posting photos of your products if applicable. You can also hold contests, post about sales and discounts and create a clear call to action. 
  • Pinterest - Does your company have a lot of visual content it can advertise? If your sales would benefit from sharing anything like recipes, tips or even ideas that relate to your services or products, Pinterest is a great way to promote these. 

2. Go mobile

According to a 2014 report by Nielsen, an estimated 85 percent of millennials own smartphones. When targeting this generation, offering a mobile app is essential. Having an app makes it easy for consumers to learn more about and buy your products while on the go. Providing links to your company website and landing pages will also direct more traffic to your site. As millennials tend to have high expectations when it comes to convenience, make your app easy to navigate with clear calls to action as well. 

3. Make your ads personal and relatable 

Regardless of what you're selling, your promotions need to speak to viewers. The Boston Consulting Group conducted a survey in 2013 that showed almost 60 percent of millennial consumers are more inclined to buy from a brand that reflects their personalities and style. This age group often carries the mindset that everything they buy says something about who they are. Keep this in mind when developing your advertisements.

For example, if you were to own a clothing store that sells outdoor wear for campers and hikers, even something as simple as decorating your ads with pictures of mountain views and other picturesque outdoor settings would make your promotions more relatable to the consumers who are most likely to purchase your products.


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