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Infographic: It's Not a Job, It's a Mission: RapidAdvance Career Perks

At RapidAdvance, we ensure we're delivering high-quality products and services by recruiting employees who love what they do. Our passionate, high-energy team is committed to providing its staff members with the hard-working, team-oriented environment that they need to be successful and take their careers to the next level.

How do we accomplish this? We're dedicated to offering some of the most enticing big-company perks in the industry. Here are just a few of the many benefits you'll receive as a member of the RapidAdvance team:

1. A green work environment

RapidAdvance awards its employees who use sustainable forms of transportation. For example, we offer secure bike storage and allowances for staff members who take the metro. Those who drive electric cars can prepare for the ride home by plugging into our electric vehicle charging station. However, regardless of how you commute, all employees reduce their carbon footprint by working in RapidAdvance's LEED Platinum-certified office building. 

2. The best of worlds

At RapidAdvance, you'll get an energetic startup culture that focuses on collaboration and teamwork. Employees receive discounts on cell phone, entertainment, travel and more. You'll also have plenty of chances to move up in your career as the company quickly grows and development opportunities arise. However, don't be fooled by our tech-focused, fast-paced startup environment - we're stable and well-funded.

3. Game breaks

Sure, eating your lunch in the break room and taking an afternoon stroll to the water cooler can be relaxing during a stressful day, but at RapidAdvance, we know what it really takes to unwind. Challenge a coworker to a round on our mini golf course or show off your skills with a game of foosball or ping pong in our game room. 

4. Healthy perks

In addition to our on-site gym and locker rooms, we also provide healthy snacks and drinks every day to ensure you're feeling your best as you work hard. 

5. Student discounts

If you're considering going back to school to complete your bachelor's degree or pursue your master's or Ph.D., RapidAdvance will provide a discount.

RapidAdvance Career Perks


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