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Infographic: The #Customer1stCompany

Practices of the #Customer1stCompany

When loyalty and excellence are the goals, there's nothing more satisfying for a small business owner than to see their customers happy and content with the products and services they offer. At the heart of every successful business is a group of happy customers, and there is no power greater than an entire tour de force of individuals who have nothing but wonderful and amazing things to say about the work you take so much pride in. To achieve this goal, all you really need is a strong dedication to customer service and a little insight into what keeps your customers coming back for more.

Leverage the power and speed of the Internet.

The colossal presence of the Internet, for instance, and the massive effect it has on the world of corporate branding, gives small businesses more opportunities to actively engage with potential new customers. When the goal is to see the company's name surge across the public marketplace, there are few tools like the Web that can supercharge content with speed, efficiency and immediacy - all things that are sure to impress your customers. Consistency and reliability are the keys to unlocking satisfaction, after all, and the unbridled prowess of the Net delivers. 

Give them something to share!

The words "social media" have become synonymous with communication, and not just in the public sphere. Small businesses that have hooked themselves up to these extremely popular platforms are capable of talking to their followers in a very real, human way. These organic interactions have become enormously valuable, not only for increased sales and profits, but also for getting the word out quickly about your brand, the products you're selling and any marketing strategies you might be cooking up. The best part? People who readily use sites like Facebook and Twitter want to share information with each other. Your products are the manifestations of hours of hard work so show them off! 

What was your favorite experience as a customer?

Think back to a time when you were in their shoes. Did you ever receive a gift with a purchase? A discount on your birthday? A free coffee with a stamp card? These are the kinds of things that generate a positive buzz, and customers who are satisfied with these results are usually willing to share this info with their friends. What might have started as a small promotion could become a huge hit, especially if you're taking the power of social media into consideration. Not only do these little deals make existing customers happy, but imagine what would happen if a new customer was introduced to your brand during a sale or a clever discount bargain!


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