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Infographic: 5 Lesser-known Social Networks For Your Small Business

Are you the kind of business owner who likes striking out on the lesser-known paths? If the thrill of purveying the unknown is your standard M.O. or if you’re just looking for a social media option with a little less hype than the giants in the field, then you’re in luck. The following Web-and-mobile-based networks are primed and ready for your small business:

  1. Vine: Share videos in six seconds or less. Why? Because they’re digestable and easy to view for curious consumers.
  2. Reddit: Get the scoop and dish it out at the same time with this free, real-time Q&A style platform. If you’re looking for somewhere to host your content, expect feedback to flow freely.
  3. Biznik: How do you connect with other businesses? The answer is simple if you’re using this option. Market directly to entrepreneurs and established companies alike with a simple platform.
  4. Quora: For the businesses that want to demonstrate industry expertise, this network will give you an opportunity to hold a forum on a Q&A site that allows others to pose questions. What better way is there for you to showcase your knowledge than by putting it to the test?
  5. Whisper: What’s happening in the industry? What products are coming out? If you aren’t seeing any buzz from your own press releases, use this network to get people primed for the release date, completely anonymously.


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