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How To Show Your Customers Love This Valentine's Day


Attracting new customers is crucial for any small-business owner, but building customer loyalty among your pre-existing base can reap significant rewards for your brand. Connected consumers are not only more likely to bring new buyers to your store, but they're more likely to keep coming back for future services and products as well.

This Valentine's Day, prove to your customers that they have the biggest piece of your heart during this romantic holiday. Offer one of the following rewards both in your store and online to ring in the occasion.

Calling all cupids

Games are a great way to engage customers and give away prizes to store visitors. Consider hosting a few simple ones in your store to get people to learn more about your offerings while playing one of these fun activities. 

  • Celebrity matchmaker: Ask your customers to match celebrities to their significant others for a chance to win a prize from your store. Allow your store visitors to fill out a piece of paper with each half of the couple in two separate columns. Leave room for participants to write their name and contact information so you can inform the winner of his or her victory.
  • All about the arrows: Cupid may be a master of the bow and arrow, but how do your consumers fare? Set up a magnetic dart station for visitors to play with when they visit your site. Allow any person who makes a bullseye access to an exclusive coupon or discount from your store.

All you need is love

If you prefer showing all loyal visitors a little love, get your employees involved by adopting one of the following initiatives this Valentine's Day.

  • Come and get your love: Send an email to your most loyal consumers and let them know they're eligible for an exclusive Valentine's Day reward from your store. When presented with proof that the consumer received the email, the employee should - on the spot - deliver a verbal expression of love, whether that be a compliment tailored to the customer or a brief verse from his or her favorite love song. Encourage employees to get creative!
  • A penny for a poem: Who doesn't love a good poem every once in a while? Set up an old fashioned typewriter and have a staff member writing poems all day. You can either charge a few dollars for a customized poem, or offer them to any person who purchased something from your store during the day.

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