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How to Grow Flower Sales for a Labor Day Weekend Wedding

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Labor Day remains a peak period for wedding celebrations for the most unromantic reasons: logistics and expenses. Guests of the bride and groom are more likely to attend the wedding and reception since they have an extra travel day. In addition, many brides hold their wedding on Sunday because of decreased rates at reception locations and hotels.

These facts make the time period ideal for boosting your flower shop’s image and growing sales. Brides-to-be are on the hunt for deals that help them save. You can help them do that with these five tips.

1. Partner with local businesses.

Collaborative partnerships remain a fruitful way to raise awareness and increase sales for all vested parties. You should look for strategic partners who can help accomplish both goals.

Reception venues are obvious targets, but you should extend your search. Local DJs, wedding flower designers and caterers can produce mutually beneficial relationships, too, and may not be as highly sought after as a meeting space.

Pro tip: To see the best results, steep the business partnership in the benefits the other party will gain.

2. Offer a discount.

Many brides choose the Labor Day weekend because of potential cost savings. You should leverage their budget-conscious mindset with discounts.

Keep in mind, though, that most brides plan their weddings a year in advance. That doesn’t mean you should toss aside the tactic; rather, invest in it but expect it to deliver a greater return next year.

Pro tip: Brides may plan their wedding days in advance, but they often have last-minute needs. The ring bearer loses his boutonniere; the flower girl plays with the petals; or an additional relative requires a corsage. Offer Labor Day savings for immediate needs like them to lift short-term sales.

3. Market to existing customers.

You seek new customers, but the best way to gain them often is through existing ones. Because of that, you should send an email newsletter or direct-mail catalog containing Labor Day sales to past purchasers.

Last year’s brides may have a friend—or five—getting married this year. When they mention they’re looking for a florist, existing customers will think of and mention you.

Pro tip: Always, always segment your list. You likely don’t want to send a sales offering to someone who recently purchased flowers for a memorial service.

4. Advertise house accounts to local businesses and schools.

The end of summer poses a perfect time to revisit local businesses and schools and offer a Labor Day deal on house accounts. The service, which provides flowers to customers on a weekly or monthly basis as part of a subscription fee, helps grow your flower shop and secure regular income.

But the outreach has another benefit: keeping you top of mind. When future brides visit with reception venues and ask for florist, catering and other wedding-related recommendations, the business will refer them to you.

Pro tip: To secure house accounts, make payment easy to do. Customers want a simple solution that they won’t have to think about it.

5. Invest in social media.

Social media is a long-term tactic; that is, you won’t see many results in the first few weeks without paying for them. However, paid ads can be profitable, particularly when geo-targeted, so you should keep them in mind.

If organic methods align more with what you have in mind, figure out where your audiences are active and start posting and engaging there. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and local review sites tend to be the heavy hitters when it comes to floral arrangements.

Pro tip: You should always test and refine social efforts. Younger audiences gravitate toward short videos, so you might want to consider live streams on Snapchat and Instagram. Use the channels, assess the results and focus on the ones that deliver more results.

You can increase sales during Labor Day, and not only because the date attracts brides. House accounts and ongoing social media efforts hold opportunities to boost awareness and profits all year round. Use the tips outlined above, and you should see more cash flow not only this Labor Day but also on all future ones.  


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