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How to Celebrate Your Store's Birthday

store birthday celebration

Birthdays only occur once a year, which means your store should take strides to celebrate this occasion with your most loyal consumers - especially if you're celebrating your store's first birthday. Aside from decorating the area in garland and asking employees to wear paper hats, there are a few ways your business can call attention to its birthday.

While you'll want to bring attention to your brand and all the great progress you've made in the past year, make a concerted effort to actively engage your consumers, as they're the ones who have had a profound impact on your business. 

Birthday coupons for all

It's your party, but that doesn't mean other people can't join in on the birthday fun. Send out virtual and paper coupons to your loyal buyers, letting them reap the rewards of your longstanding business. If you want to get particularly crafty with your coupons, consider handing out varying discounts to each visitor. Have them open up a sealed coupon for the chance to earn a 10, 15 or 20 percent discount on your merchandise. 

Alternatively, consider purchasing products specific to your birthday that you can hand out to any person who makes a purchase during the day. These can feature your name and opening date, keeping the prize specific to the occasion at hand.

Calling all compliments

As you're hosting visitors at your store for your birthday, ask them for a small and simple birthday gift - a compliment!

There are many creative ways to ask visitors to express how much they love your store. You can set up a large cork board on one of your walls, then have customers write down their favorite service or attribute of your company and pin it to the surface. This will create a large, homemade collage any passerby will be able to view from the street.

Have your cake and eat it too

No birthday celebration is complete without cake! Alert loyal customers that your company will be treating a select group of visitors to homemade birthday cake during your celebration. The logistics are up to you - you can offer the first 50 visitors to your store a piece of cake, invite your most loyal 20 to 25 customers to an exclusive birthday party or bake enough samples to provide a wealth of visitors with treats.


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