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Hiring Third Parties (Freelancers) to Support Your Business

Hiring Third Parties (Freelancers) to Support Your Business

Small businesses have everyone from the front line employees to the owner doing many tasks that fall outside of their primary job description. Since you have limited resources and may not have the budget to hire specialized workers, you need to consider alternatives to devoting hours to duties that eat up your time or require expert knowledge. 
Freelancers offer the perfect solution for your small business. You bring in the third parties when you need them, so you pay them on an as-you-go basis, rather than dealing with a salary and employee overhead. Here are a few areas where freelancers offer critical business support. 

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising campaigns are almost always essential for getting your message out to your customer base. While you can take a DIY approach, bringing in a professional gives you the opportunity to optimize your marketing efforts and dedicate your time to other parts of your business. 
One area that's particularly time-consuming in marketing is content creation. While you can hire freelance writers and other content creators directly, going through a platform such as Scripted gives you access to a marketplace of vetted and rated writers, as well as value-added features such as analytics and easy content posting. 

Virtual Assistance

A virtual assistant allows you to focus on critical business matters because you don't have to worry about the small stuff. They can make appointments for you, schedule meetings, look up travel information, check your email and perform any other task that's possible for a telecommuting worker. 
You can use Zirtual or a similar service to find the right virtual assistant match. This platform focuses on virtual assistants for smaller businesses, entrepreneurs and teams, so it's a great place to start your search. 

Customer Service

Your customers need help, but you might not be big enough to field your own customer service department. When you need the experience to be spot on to succeed, you can outsource this process to a service such as Support Ninja. You can have someone help you with appointment setting, covering off-hours support lines or expanding to a new communication channel with your customers. 

IT Services

IT staff is expensive and it may be difficult to get in-house people to maintain your technology infrastructure. Your small business can't risk losing a day of sales or more due to broken systems, so getting an IT managed services company is a good compromise for an in-house team. Ideally, you will find an IT contractor or service provider locally, so they can come on-site if the problem needs more than a remote fix. 

Small Tasks and Errands

You also have a pile of job duties that fall under the miscellaneous category. Don't let yourself get distracted from running your business. TaskRabbit works great for all the in-person errands that you need, such as setting up office furniture or getting coffee for the team. Fiverr has a wide range of services, so it's the perfect jack of all trades marketplace. 
It's easy to get caught up in all of the extra work that you take on as a small business owner. However, when you spend your time on these duties, you're neglecting your core purpose of growing your company. Bring in freelancers for added support, whether you need an occasional helping hand or long-term assistance.

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