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Go Pro: Tell Your SMB's Story Through an Action Lens

When you think of GoPro cameras, an intense action video of mountain bikers, BASE jumpers or surfers may be the first thing that pops into your head. The high-quality point-of-view videos are engaging and provide a unique look at user-generated content. Who would have thought that these videos could serve as effective marketing tools?

To help your small business grow, consider providing your target audiences with a glimpse of your company's history, brand message and customer stories. The GoPro enables marketers to show potential customers what your company is all about.

Share your company's history

Social media marketing has become a popular platform for advertising over the years, as it successfully engages customers. One key aspect of creating effective marketing campaigns is remembering that audiences respond best to content that was specifically designed to connect with them. 

Sharing your business's history is essential to attracting customers and showing the work that went into establishing your company. You can create a page on your social media site and company website with information on how your business started in written form, but if you want to step it up and increase traffic to your site, consider telling your company's story through a video. GoPro videos are effective tools to deliver facts and basic information in an intriguing way. Why should you consider a GoPro to share your history?

  • Viewers are far more likely to watch a video than they are to read through paragraphs of content. Research published in the New York Times explained that people aren't only attracted to visuals and videos over facts and data, but that they have an easier time remembering information that's presented visually in story form
  • Tap into consumers' emotions when presenting information that may otherwise come across as dry or mundane, like your business's history, when communicated with strictly words. 
  • Videos allow you to capture moments that words and pictures can't on their own. For example, "Just Watch It: The History of Nike in 3 Minutes" communicates Nike's backstory in an emotional and efficient way that viewers will remember.

Tell your customers' stories

Advertising your customers' stories doesn't only establish interesting promotions that viewers will be able to relate to, but it will also show that past customers are satisfied with your services. You can include data and numbers to prove your company's success, but having customers communicate their happiness with your brand will speak more to consumers. Here's why promoting your customer's stories with a GoPro camera can help garner interest in your business and its products:

  • Research by Nielsen shows that 92 percent of consumers are looking for creative advertising that tells a story. 
  • The popular saying "I'll believe it when I see it" translates to advertising. Promoting what you can do for your customers and how your products can work for them is one thing, but showing evidence with videos of customers who have used your products or services will support your claims and engage viewers. 

Deliver your brand message

With so many companies marketing their products online through interactive platforms like Facebook and YouTube, competition can be daunting. This is why creative visual advertisement strategies that deliver your brand's message concisely are necessary. Here's how GoPros can help: 

  • GoPro has more than 2 million YouTube subscribers and almost 8 million Facebook fans. Why is this so? GoPro videos are engaging as well as short and to the point. Internet users are surfing the Web with intentions other than watching your advertisements. They appreciate videos that are compelling but short - you only have a few moments to grab their attention away from whatever they're doing. 
  • Advertising your company's message through GoPro videos on YouTube allows viewers to leave comments and interact with your company. This gives you a chance to receive and respond to feedback and questions.

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