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Finding New Customers by Industry

Growing your business does not need to be difficult. To discover how to get new customers, start by researching similar companies outside your region or country. What strategies do they seem to use to attract new business? Regardless of your industry, you will get some ideas on how to attract customers.

There will always be more ways to acquire new customers. However, the strategies listed below are proven effective.


The construction field is a hard place to compete. If you own your business and provide some of the services too, you probably don't have much time to market yourself. Unfortunately, this makes it incredibly hard to scale yourself, your business and your team.
However, there are some new ways to attract clients with little effort. The first technique involves building a social media presence. Be helpful, give advice, answer questions, and theme yourself around the support you offer your prospective clients.
The idea is to build a following — and pursue Facebook ads to market your services at a later date. After all, your city is only so big and soon enough most potential leads in your area will have seen your ads or posts. Further, remember that building name recognition is essential for converting well on any type of advertisements.


There are many new ways to acquire customers in the retail sector. For e-commerce sites, your meal ticket is an intelligent CRM. This is a customer relationship management software that's built off artificial intelligence. It tracks customer behavior, viewing habits, and more, and helps you build one-on-one B2C relationships.

Gaining better control over your sales channels is imperative. Your social media presence will hold more value, as will your social media marketing campaign. Just think about what big brands like Walmart are already doing: You view a top product and soon after it shows as a Facebook ad.

Salesforce is a leading provider of this type of product. It is still relatively new, but the average online business doubles its conversions as a result of the greater analytics and tracking. If you are already using CRM software, definitely look into AI-powered CRMs more.


Everyone relies on customer reviews when considering a medical professional for any service. It just takes one horror story to really set things off. Imagine if you read about an aggressive dentist, would you skip that person and look for the next option?
Of course, sometimes reviews are falsified. You should not base your results off what a single page of reviews says about your medical business. Instead, your company should put a little effort into online reputation management.
This does not mean posting fake reviews or trying to remove genuine negative ones. You can build online profiles in volume and focus on "business name + review" rankings from other sites. Over time, the pages which were once at the top of the ranks will be pages back.


People want to feel like financial products are made available for a good reason. It shouldn't just be about the business's gain.

You can find some good examples, such as Credit Karma, which is a credit monitoring service. Although the company connects you with financing opportunities, the core of its service is about building credit education. The company wants you to succeed at having better credit, instead of just getting stuck paying a loan forever.

Besides showing that you don't just care about acquiring a new customer, what else can you do? The best case scenario is that you pair yourself with a similar business. The loan providers working with Credit Karma have a serious chance to succeed.

If you are just throwing ads around the Web, it will be tough. So find ways to network with the right businesses or websites. Then use your extended reach to display yourself as an authority in your field. That will be much more trustable than some random business promising "all the solutions" via a landing page.


Are you selling a technology product? It is an evolving world where even the biggest discoveries are forgotten about the next day. The only way to stay ahead is by providing real-world solutions. Your product needs to speak to a core audience and your brand must simply transport the "amazing solution" it offers.
Brainstorm the best businesses, brands and influencers in your industry. Find ways to connect with them beneficially, with the help of your product. Really, the technology world takes some unique strategies. Two newer techniques you could try include experiential marketing and influencer marketing.

Professional Services

You need to prove yourself as an authority in your niche. This requires having a professional display of yourself.
Setting up a LinkedIn profile is a great start. From here, you can network with like-minded professionals. Try to obtain guest posting opportunities on niche-relevant sites, and give helpful advice in your articles.
When people research you before hiring or inquiring about your professional services, the initial impression will be "hey, that guy is legit!" On the local level, your authoritative profile and stance on the Web will definitely help you stand out and gain trust.
This is the "bread and butter" that so many professional service providers fail to realize. Customers don't want ads; they want people they can trust.

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