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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With Your Customers


St. Patty's Day

After such a long, drawn-out winter, your customers are probably more than ready to celebrate the return of bird song and sunshine with one of the greenest holidays on the books: St. Patrick's Day. As the warm March weather begins to melt away the last vestiges of dreary skies and lingering snow drifts, people are turning their gaze to future promises of lush grass and blooming flowers.

While this might mean the return of yard work and spring cleaning to some, to others, the changing of the seasons represents merriment and joy, and you should consider helping them indulge. The color green can speak to people in another way, after all. Take a look at the following small business tips that might help you get to the heart of this Irish holiday:

Market with shamrocks and pots of gold

Whether your company typically uses green in its promotional materials or not, for this holiday, it might be time to experiment with this side of the color spectrum. Even if you aren't a big fan of this color, your customers will recognize its connection to the popularized symbolism from the four-leaf clovers and leprechauns that are staples of St. Patrick's Day. Does green just not work? That's fine! Rather than going full tilt in another marketing direction altogether for just one holiday, try incorporating a few elements that fit, like a tastefully placed pot of gold or shamrock.

Know what you're talking about

Although time and general revelry have transformed the original cultural significance of St. Patty's Day, it still means more to some people than just green beer and an excuse to party. If you choose to add a little of its flair into your marketing strategy, consider adding a little history, too. Your consumers might appreciate the extra effort, and even if they don't, you'll have saved yourself from alienating a group of people who might take it seriously. 

Put a contest at the end of your rainbow

Undoubtedly, businesses across the country, in several different industries, are gearing up for the same green-washed day of celebration. With that in mind, consider ways that you can stand out from the crowd. Are there any promotional events you've been thinking about? Ideas you've had for a fun, new contest, but haven't had an excuse to test them out? Now's a good time to debut them, especially while the world is covered with green. 

Help your customers have a little fun

After you've covered your bases with cultural significance and have told the world you're participating with the right mix of symbolism, why not indulge the crowd a little? It's probably best if you leave the green beer at home (unless your business would offer such a thing, of course), but St. Patrick's Day has become blossomed into a holiday that mixes Irish food and treats with its revelry.

With the sun finally beaming through the clouds, you'll likely see a lot more foot traffic, and if you have samples of green cookies and rainbow-shaped lollipops for people to try at the check-out counter, they'll be more likely to take that positive experience with them when they leave. Even if you aren't in food service, happy customers means good word-of-mouth.

You need more than luck to build a reputation

When you're trying to build up your company brand, what better way is there to establish yourself than as the fun, down-to-earth business that's willing to celebrate with the people? Even if you don't go all out for every holiday, picking a few throughout the year to incorporate into your marketing strategy will help build up your reputation. For most businesses, the goal is to be memorable, and if adding a few leprechauns to your logo for a few days in March will help you achieve that goal, it may be worth the extra work.

Don't forget your online presence, either. Even if you only do a small fraction of your business on the Web, make sure those consumers know about the promotions going on. A simple text-based blurb with a few shamrocks might be enough to make a difference.


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