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Small Business Financing

  • Best Cocktails to Add to Your Menu for Summer 2018

    Summer is here and your customers are ready for warm-weather cocktails. That means it's time to think about reinventing the drink menu at your bar or restaurant. Why not give people a reason to sing your praises during happy hour season? 

  • Picking a Payment Processor – All You Need to Know!

    The moment your customers get their credit or debit card out is important for every business’s success. Whether you’re taking payments over a physical counter, online, or both, this is the point at which all of your careful planning, investment, development, recruitment and marketing quite literally pay off. But in order to actually accept your customer’s payment, you need a payment processor.

    Category: Customer Service


  • How to Create a Feng Shui Work Environment

    Feng shui allows you to harness the energy in your environment and put you at harmony with the space you are in. The Chinese philosophy is often used in home to generate a peaceful energy, but you can also modify it in your business area.

    While you may not have complete control over your work environment, there is always a way to introduce feng shui through creative modifications. In fact, you can often rearrange what you already have to achieve good feng shui in your workspace. Read on to discover some easy tips for creating good feng shui in your workspace.

    Category: Productivity



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