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An Instagram Pic Is Worth a 1,000 Words: Part 2

instagram 2

Advanced Instagram Tips and Tricks for Your Small Business

The creators of Instagram have provided small businesses with an incredibly powerful multimedia tool, whether they meant to or not. Not only can marketing teams use it to penetrate the social media sector in an ongoing quest for new consumers, decision-makers can now make their video debuts with just a smartphone, some good lighting and an idea.

In the last installation of this topic, the stage was set for companies to begin their Instagram marketing techniques. Now it's time to plunge deeper into this world for a closer look at how successful businesses have managed to charm their followers, effectively creating a whole new world of opportunities - without needing a magic carpet or a golden lamp. 

Generate awareness by showing off new products.

The beauty of Instagram is that there's no real limit to what it can be used for, as long as the content appears as an image. Although this means that text can be compressed and reformatted to look like a cleverly done picture, why not stay true to the app's purpose and use it to premiere new products? If your company can support such a thing, Instagram can become something of an online catalog, allowing consumers to take sneak peeks at the latest and greatest without costing them a dime. Additionally, as word catches on that this is the method you'll be using to highlight your trends, individuals who aren't privy to this information will find themselves wondering how they, too, can be part of the action. 

Show people a glimpse of the genie's lamp.

It doesn't all have to be about merchandise. Sometimes, all it really takes to build popularity for your brand is to show the people what they want. What really happens behind those big, vaulted doors? With your Instagram account, you can show off all the reasons your followers care about the company beyond the things they can buy from you. For example, if you're really proud of how the office is structured, go ahead and post a walking tour of the operations. Things like this also help keep the human element strong behind the work that you do. There's more to the brand than the products, and people often forget that it takes whole teams of workers to manufacture their favorite items and services.

Reach out with Instagram direct.

A new feature of Instagram allows you to communicate directly with people, without having to tag everyone publicly. With this option, you can choose to show individual consumers how much you care by sending direct images or videos, which only they can see. As this option connects you directly with the public, on a more personal level than a typical Instagram post, it could help you reach out to contest winners or loyal followers who might deserve a little one-on-one interaction. 

Share pictures that are inspirational and eye catching.

There's also little reason to be all business, all the time. If you think your followers are the kinds of people who could jive with a bit of something extra now and then, motivational pictures with a nice, heart-warming caption could be well-received. As these posts are still attached to the company's name, they'll help you drive your image in a specific direction. Free marketing is, after all, part of the beauty of social media. It doesn't always have to be cats hugging and images of children playing, either - if you'd rather go for humor or politics, have at it! Just make sure the content suits the audience and makes sense coming from your public voice. After these particulars are squared away, try to enjoy this app's image-sharing quality.


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