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How to Create a Feng Shui Work Environment

Feng shui allows you to harness the energy in your environment and put you at harmony with the space you are in. The Chinese philosophy is often used in home to generate a peaceful energy, but you can also modify it in your business area.

While you may not have complete control over your work environment, there is always a way to introduce feng shui through creative modifications. In fact, you can often rearrange what you already have to achieve good feng shui in your workspace. Read on to discover some easy tips for creating good feng shui in your workspace.

Choose Materials Thoughtfully

Selecting materials for your work environment will require a compass -- no, really. The art of feng shui suggests different materials depending on the corner of the room and its associated energy. In the north end of your work space, for instance, you should use metal furniture or accessories to complement the feng shui water element.

In the southern side of the room (which is associated with reputation and the fire sign), stick to wood and other natural materials. Since fire is associated with the south, avoid the color blue or mirrors, which are water-like features that will negate your fire element. Appropriate materials can be introduced with accessories or statement furniture.

Position Your Desk Away From the Door

Your desk should be positioned in such a way that it commands the room. More specifically, feng shui dictates that you not allow your back to be toward the door. Try to place your desk so that you have a clear view of the door and all who enter, ideally across from the door. Sitting with your back to the entryway symbolizes that work will happen behind your back, while facing the door with a wall behind means you are in control.

Unable to reposition your desk? You can still work feng shui into your space. Put a mirror in front of you so you can see the entry of your workspace and watch people approach. If you’re unable to sit against a wall, use a solid high-back chair to achieve a similar feng shui effect.

Keep the Air Clean

Access to pure air and natural light is another tenet of feng shui. Consider leaving your blinds open and allowing in fresh air when you can. Where the only option is fluorescent bulbs and a seat in the middle of a bullpen, you can improvise. Install a lamp with a full spectrum bulb at your desk along with some air purifying plants, such as bamboo. You may even want to consider investing in an air purifier for your private office. Not only will you satisfy feng shui, but you'll reap the benefits of removing allergens from the air you breathe for eight hours a day.


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