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CRM Software for Your Small Business: What You Need to Know

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an integral component in any digital business. It can automate sales, manage customer data, handle leads, improve responses and response times, track marketing campaigns and much more.

If you run an online store, it's an essential part of your ERP system. Reports show that 91 percent of businesses with 11 or more employees are already using CRM software to increase their bottom line.

Why You Need CRM Software

CRM software is right for any small business selling products on the web. It can automate many tasks, collect various types of data and handle customer interactions for you.

Basically, the technologies behind CRM products make it possible to identify with customers on a deeper level. You can build groups of customers to target with different advertising campaigns and across various sales channels. It becomes possible to bring all the data together and create a conversion-optimized strategy.

This puts many simple tasks out of your employees' hands and into an automated system. It allows you to save money, which can go toward scaling your marketing budget.

Which CRM Software to Use?

There are many great CRM software products available. Some of the longstanding names include InsightlySalesforce and Zoho. Here's a CRM software comparison of these top three choices.


For businesses with only one or two CRM software users, it's possible to use Insightly for free. The cost starts with the third user and increases for each one thereafter. It's still cheaper than Salesforce, but with fewer functions and weaker support.

The good thing is you can scale your business's implementation for Insightly as you grow in size. It's a sufficient product overall, and above most other CRMs on the market. The software does have many premium features, so small business owners regularly use the free spots to test the product and end up hooked.

Insightly is best for niche businesses with limited growth potential. While it competes with Salesforce as a CRM, it lacks further software integrations.


Salesforce is the largest name by far, with a $57 billion market cap, and it's also the best CRM software for small businesses. You get 24/7 support via live chat and phone, which is a huge plus. This isn't available with Insightly or Zoho CRM.

Furthermore, Salesforce's Einstein software is a game-changer and something you'll want to learn more about. It's AI-powered, which is an entirely new concept for the CRM software sector. You can increase automation in your business, and the impact runs across the board. Your customer service, lead generation, marketing and sales all benefit from the intelligent CRM implementation.

Salesforce is best for large businesses, corporations and startups expecting real growth. It can integrate and scale seamlessly within your ERP system.

Zoho CRM

Being the freest CRM software on the market, Zoho is a very attractive option. However, free only applies to the first 10 users on your file. After that, you pay on a per-user basis to expand your Zoho CRM implementations.

One big plus for Zoho's CRM is that it can work within Slack, which more than three-quarters of the Fortune 100 companies use in some capacity. If you run a team chat community there, it's possible to manage the CRM remotely while collaborating with your colleagues.

Zoho is best for large teams with less focus on scaling and numbers who wish to have the functionality of a CRM without paying for it.

Why Use an Intelligent CRM?

Salesforce set the standard last year with the release of Einstein. It turned the concept of an "intelligent CRM" into a buzzword in the marketing industry. The science behind Salesforce Einstein is solid, and the deeper powers behind computer learning make it a powerhouse for CRM experts.

Statistically speaking, a smart CRM product like Salesforce Einstein can double your conversion rate. This is a major feat to accomplish manually, but it's entirely possible with some automated planning through an intelligent CRM.

In an example where acquisitions cost $10 and average sales profit is $12, your ROI would go from 20 percent to 240 percent by doubling your conversions. If you have a hot product in a sizable market, by ramping up your advertising budget, it's possible to achieve S-curve growth results.

Specialty CRMs for Small Business Loans

Solutions like Centrex Software make it possible to integrate your business financing data into your CRM account. This allows you to better organize loans, track due dates and plan which incoming funds to apply to each debt.

The best part of running a specialty small business-based CRM software is being able to use the loan database versus shopping around randomly. You get greater insight into the available lending options and their underwriting guidelines. As such, you can make a better judgment when deciding which financing options are the most affordable for your current needs.

Small business loan CRM software is actually the fastest-growing CRM product on the market today. Businesses regularly relying on a multitude of lending routes find a big financial incentive here.

CRM software is a must for any forward-thinking business in today's digital age. It allows you to obtain maximum control of your sales channel and storefront.

It enhances your ability to collect customer data and allows you to build increasingly profitable one-on-one marketing campaigns. Furthermore, CRM software allows you to scale operations in the fastest and most effective way possible. It's also a growth-booster and a way to streamline work flows between your staff. Overall, getting a CRM is a no-brainer and recommended for businesses of all sizes.

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