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8 Ways to Attract Great Talent and Keep It

Making your business stand out means providing premium services to your current and future clients. But the challenge of this begins with finding the right talent to grow your business, taking it from just another startup to a successful and thriving company.

Here are some tips for tracking, finding and keeping the best talent and employees out there.

1. HR Technology and Hiring Metrics

Jibe’s CEO, Joe Essenfeld, says that today's employers should utilize technology in their recruiting efforts. In this survey, it was shown that many recruiters were missing out on great talent because they weren’t keeping up with the highly-mobile generation of millennials.

HR technology can give you an up-to-date interface for applicants, and analytics for your hiring searches. They can help you track the success of your employees and cancel out the ones who may just be time-wasters for management.

2. Recruit Remote Staff

Freelancers who work remotely can sometimes be your best talent. This is because, to keep up their remote lifestyle, they often take on passion projects which allow them to work from anywhere. Companies who have flexible work options add value to future prospects, and save money as well as time spent on logistics. If you are a new startup company, working with remote staff also makes sense, as you can cut the costs and financial risks often associated with new ventures. The other factor is limited local talent. If you are trying to create a global business, it’s possible that you deal with clients in a variety of time zones. Recruiting remote staff enables you to cover more ground, so to speak. Your pool of talent to choose from also becomes greater, and you are more likely to attract some top workers.

3. Hire those who believe in your mission and vision

Many new companies thrive on word-of-mouth marketing and social media relations. If your employees are also your fans and love your products or what you stand for, they will tell others. If you are tracking their social network activity, you may be able to also identify others who work in the same niche and who may be good candidates to hire. Pete Kazanjy, founder of recruiter search engine TalentBin, cautions: "[Depending] on the type of job you're recruiting for, make sure you're looking at the right social networking sites to find candidates who may be off your radar."

4. Hire Candidates Who Don’t Have Personal Ties To You

It’s common for entrepreneurs to want to help friends or family by providing jobs and careers for them. However, if mistakes are made down the line and you need to let them go, things could get awkward. If you find someone else better suited to the job, it would be upsetting and cause bad relations if you have hired family or friends inappropriately. However, if you must go this route, one way to safeguard yourself is to be honest from the beginning. You can agree that in the event of a layoff with your small business, you will both see things professionally and not take the results personally.

5. Focus On Building Your Brand, Even Before Recruiting

For any employer, finding the right team is difficult. It’s a competitive marketplace. But you can use online technology to get your brand out there in front of prospects and keep them thinking about you. Name recognition is essential, as is proven with sites like where ex-employees and future candidates gather to learn more about a company’s culture, benefits and pros and cons. Employees who love your brand will be happy to put in a good word for you on social channels or leave good reviews on such sites. On the other hand, those who don’t know anything about you or have had negative experiences could keep top-tier talent from finding out about your job openings.

6. Rethink Your Hiring Strategy

When Goldman Sachs updated its undergrad recruiting program to include first-round interviews via video, they did two things: cut acquiring costs and accessed more applications. By revamping their recruiting process and upgrading their process, they were able to reach their target audience and talent pool on a much greater scale.

7. Always Be Recruiting

In order to track more talent, keep the Hiring Page open on your website. Make it easy for folks to find you in their searches by having a page they can go to when searching this niche for work. If you are in the tech industry, you’re tackling an extremely tough market, and the best talent is often swooped up within days.

8. Have a Proactive Mindset

If you are proactive about your recruiting process, you’ll come up with new and even better ways to track and keep your best talent. You will essentially be able to position yourself for success. Be creative, take risks and accept that you won’t always hire the best talent off the bat. But you’ll learn from your mistakes.

Remember, job seekers tend to be emotional and vulnerable. Ensure that you have set your expectation for the job role clearly, and communicate this in your application forms. Be willing to upgrade your current methods of recruiting talent, and build up your company brand in such a way that the best ones will be seeking you out continually.

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