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A Smart Solution for Helping You Obtain an SBA Loan for Your Business

Our SBA Bridge Loan Program assists in resolving obstacles that come up during the SBA approval process.  Many times once the bank has approved the loan request, obtained an SBA guarantee, the SBA guarantee authorization may include certain requirements be met before the bank can fund the loan. This could include paying past due taxes, vendors and suppliers, or satisfying a judgment so that a lien can be released.  A business owner can utilize our program to access capital to resolve the outstanding issues and receive a reduced payoff when the SBA loan is closed.  The SBA Bridge Loan can also be used as financing for day to day management of your business during the SBA process. 

Advantages of Our SBA Bridge Loan

  • Financing is calculated from gross sales and business cash flow.
  • Fixed automated repayment allows for simple repayment and cash flow management.
  • Not collateralized against fixed assets.
  • Allows you to maximize available capital while protecting your margins and cash flow.

Businesses Seek SBA Bridge Loans for a Variety of Reasons

  • Pay off tax liens or other SBA loan obstacles.
  • Replenish cash reserves depleted by costs associated with the SBA process.
  • Manage day to day business expenses during the SBA process.

Benefits Of Using RapidAdvance:

  • A streamlined application process with minimal paperwork.
  • Fair and affordable repayment terms and fees.
  • Assessment of factors such as historical cash flow to business performance to support approval for a loan.
  • Higher approval rates than bank loans.
  • Easy renewal terms.
  • Improved pricing.
  • Immediate funding.

RapidAdvance has provided over $600 million in capital to tens of thousands of small businesses nationwide. Over 85% of our eligible clients renew. This is due to the simplicity and speed of our process as well as the outstanding customer service provided.


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