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Select Recent Financing Transactions

RapidAdvance completes hundreds of financing transactions every month.  Below is a list of some of our most recent transactions:

CapitalFinance TypeBusiness TypePurposeCityStateFunded Date
$4,500 Merchant Cash Advance Other Service Retail Working Capital Tampa FL 08/01/2014
$13,500 Small Business Loan Sporting Goods Working Capital Kennewick WA 08/06/2014
$18,000 Merchant Cash Advance - Renewal Hair & Nail Salon Improvements Riverhead NY 08/07/2014
$10,000 Small Business Loan - Renewal Construction Contractors Purchase New Equipment, Inventory Phoenix AZ 08/11/2014
$16,000 Line of Credit - Renewal Other Service Retail Working Capital Vernon CA 08/14/2014
$23,000 Merchant Cash Advance - Renewal Other Service Retai Improvements Great Falls VA 08/15/2014
$26,700 Small Business Loan Tow Truck and Yard Marketing Expense, Promotion New Windsor MD 08/15/2014
$40,000 Merchant Cash Advance Catering Improvements College Park GA 08/18/2014
$150,000 Small Business Loan - Renewal Other Service Retail Expand business San Jose CA 08/18/2014
$250,000 Small Business Loan Other Service Retail Purchase New Equipment, Inventory Platte SD 08/22/2014
$25,695 Line of Credit Restaurant - Fast Food & Carry Out Working Capital New York NY 08/22/2014
$70,000 Merchant Cash Advance Restaurant - Casual Dining Purchase New Equipment, Inventory Tuscon AZ 08/25/2014
$8,500 Merchant Cash Advance - Renewal Pet Washing & Grooming Marketing Expense, Promotion Dyersburg TN 08/26/2014
$6,900 Small Business Loan Health Club Working Capital Atlanta GA 08/27/2014
$9,000 Merchant Cash Advance - Renewal Automotive - General Repair, Truck, RV Marketing Expense, Promotion Mesa CA 08/28/2014

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