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Select Recent Financing Transactions

RapidAdvance completes hundreds of financing transactions every month.  Below is a list of some of our most recent transactions:

CapitalFinance TypeBusiness TypePurposeCityStateFunded Date
$10,000 Small Business Loan Food & Beverage Expansion Phoenix AZ 12/01/2015
$120,000 Small Business Loan Wholesale Purchase New Equipment, Inventory Oakland Park FL 12/02/2015
$110,000 Small Business Loan Restaurant Marketing Expense, Promotion Houston TX 12/04/2015
$20,700 Premium MCA Restaurant Working Capital East Wenatchee WA 12/07/2015
$10,000 Small Business Loan Food & Beverage Working Capital Bear DE 12/07/2015
$36,000 Merchant Cash Advance - Renewal Food & Beverage Purchase New Equipment Grand Junction CO 12/09/2015
$20,520 Small Business Loan


Hiring/Payroll Clinton UT 12/14/2015
$59,000 Small Business Loan Manufacturing Debt payoff/Refinancing Victor NY 12/15/2015
$225,000 Small Business Loan Business Services Working Capital Arlington VA 12/16/2015
$30,000 Small Business Loan - Renewal Entertainment Services Marketing Expense, Promotion Los Angeles CA 12/17/2015
$55,000 Small Business Loan Retail Purchase New Equipment, Inventory Monroe NC 12/18/2015
$70,000 Small Business Loan Health Services Expansion Bakersfield CA 12/18/2015
$65,000 Merchant Cash Advance - Renewal Automotive Repair Working Capital Oakdale LA 12/18/2015
$35,500 Small Business Loan Health Services Expansion Northfield IL 12/21/2015
$120,000 Small Business Loan Hotels & Lodging Working Capital Richland WA 12/22/2015

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