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RapidAction Community Bank Program

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  •  Lucrative Commission Structure
  •  Fast, Flexible Funding Options
  •  Rapid Client Portfolio Growth

Offering the right financing solution for your small business customers isn’t always easy.  RapidAdvance gives you a win-win alternative.

The RapidAction program enables community banks to:

  • Say “YES”! – Offer alternative financing solutions that help fund your small business customers’ growth and day-to-day operations – in just 5 to 7 days.
  • Protect your customers – This program provides the immediate assistance customers need, and positions them to graduate into your traditional credit products.
  • Attract new small business customers – You now have a great way to strengthen your portfolio and deposit base.
  • Add non-interest fee income – While we handle all the work, you gain additional revenue.


Why the RapidAction Program is the right choice for your bank.

More financing alternatives.

Options offering up to $300,000 in working capital –including small business loans, business cash advances, lines of credit, and SBA bridge loans – fit the various operating and repayment needs of your customers. 

Wide-ranging businesses.

An ideal fit for traditional storefront retailers, as well as manufacturing, medical, transportation, construction, distribution and services companies – plus many more.

Flexible structure and terms.

Customized financing offers flexibility to current and potential customers, with no collateral requirements. Amounts can be as low as $5000 – usually a challenge for banks due to the cost and effort of regulatory compliance.

Dedicated RapidAdvance service team.

Our personalized support ensures a fast and easy process for your bank and your customers, with a superior level of respect and attention that everyone appreciates.

Stability and reliability.

All financing is directly funded by us and backed by a large money center bank – our industry’s premier source of capital. Your customers benefit from competitive pricing with no additional fees.

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